Call for papers

Nordic DevOps Days 2023 Call for Papers

From our day-to-day development activities we see the need to plan smarter, collaborate better and deliver faster in order to shorten the development life-cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. This requires us to constantly learn and share our practices. For that reason Nordic DevOps Days 2023 takes place. Join us in bringing new knowledge and practices to our devops community!

The call for papers is open until April 30, 2023 and the conference takes place November 09 - 10, 2023 in Tallinn.

Conference overview

Nordic DevOps Days is a two- day event filled with workshops and fascinating talks.We expect the speakers and attendees to be onsite, following all the COVID rules. Some of the content as slides and/or video recordings will be made available after the event.

What are we looking for?

We are focusing on technical and hands-on topics as feedback from the community shows that attendees value it most of all.

Topics bringing new technical skills, teaching tools, introducing (automation) frameworks, platforms (public/private/hybrid cloud), real-life (production) experience etc, will have a big plus sign in the eyes of the content team! Nevertheless, we definitely aim to keep the agenda of the conference varied, thus if you have a good experience story to share on topics around leadership, teamwork etc, you are more than welcome to submit your paper!

Track slot in the schedule is 30 minutes in length. 1 minute for introduction, 24 minutes for talk, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.

Workshop length in schedule is 3 hours. This includes an introduction, Q&A session and a coffee break according to the agenda.

Please note that we will not consider tracks which are purely promotions of tools / products / services unless the focus is on solving real life problems using the mentioned tool.

Target groups

  • - Devops, Site Reliability and Platform engineers
  • - System and network administrators
  • - Security engineers
  • - Software engineers
  • - Operational and infrastructure architects
  • - IT managers
  • - Technical Leads

Requirements for proposals

The Abstract

The abstract should explain concisely and clearly why your topic is relevant and what will be covered during the talk.

Key Takeaways

List three most important takeaways you expect the attendees to walk away with (which will also convince them to attend your talk in the first place).

Difficulty Level

Speakers assign a difficulty level to their talk in order to make it easier for attendees to decide if the talk is appropriate for them. In no way do we discourage people from taking a “deep dive” talk in something they never heard of. We’re trying to address the problem of having both new and experienced people at the conference.

Explanation of the levels:

Getting your toes wet

Like a fish in the sea

Deep dive

For beginners and people with no prior experience with the topic; basic concepts covered, explained, evolved.

For folks to be familiar with the concepts covered in the talk or workshop and/or have a specific set of skills, and the ability to discuss and apply them; speaker can state more explicit expectations as well.

Assumes extensive experience, skills and knowledge about the concepts; the speaker is welcome to state more explicitly what is needed.


If you already know that you need some kind of special arrangements (like soundproof room, specific equipment to be set up) or there are any other limitations related to your presentation, please mention them, too.

Selection process

Here’s what you need to know about the process:

  • - The content team will review your proposal and evaluate it on its own merit and also in the context of other proposals.
  • - The content team will review recordings of your talk (can be other than the one you proposed) if you have provided them.
  • - If your proposal has passed the initial round of reviews, a member of the content team will contact you to set up a 10-15 minute Google Meet video call. The goal of the call is to discuss your proposal, ask and answer any clarifying questions we or you may have.


The table below contains information about the costs covered.

Conference participation
Speakers’ Dinner

Outside Tallinn


Up to €500

Yes - 2 nights



In case of multiple presenters, all costs covered are per track to be divided between presenters


The conference organizers cover travel costs for speakers as shown in the table above.

The preferred method of remuneration is an invoice from the speaker. Other options are available and need to be negotiated individually.


The conference organizers will provide accommodation at the conference hotel for speakers as follows:

  • - 2 nights at the conference hotel (in case of multiple presenters, we expect the room to be shared).
  • - Accommodation includes breakfast

Access to conference

  • - Speakers will get a free ticket to the whole conference

You can submit your paper by filling in a submission form by clicking here!

Timeline of Deadlines

April 30, 2023 - call for papers closed.
May 15, 2023- proposal acceptance notifications are sent out.
June 1, 2023 - preliminary conference program announced.
November 10, 2023- conference final presentations to be submitted.

The conference team is very much looking forward to your proposals! Please spread the word and come join us in Tallinn in November 2023!

Nordic DevOps Days Content Team