Why Attend

Company Profiles


You are definitely already in the cloud, right? You need to get your product out quickly, deploy new versions quickly. At the same time you need to keep costs under control and the environment secure so that your clients trust their data to your hands.

At NDD you get practical and theoretical overview of how to enable basic level security, what costs close to zero and enable financial controls to have an overview of your expenses. You will get insights on what challenges you will face when you grow and how to tackle such topics.

Corporations and Public sector

You may be in the cloud or may not. If not - you will probably be, at least partly, sooner or later as this is what the world moves towards. Your attention is on security and costs.In order to reduce risk of failures, while moving to the cloud, it is important to start preparations and gather experience early.

All three big public cloud providers - AWS, Google and Microsoft have workshops at Nordic DevOps Days on setting up cloud environments as well as advanced tracks covering topics regarding security. By the way, we have FinOps on the agenda too.

So come, get contacts and experience. Be ready for migration!

Consultancy companies

You may not need your own cloud environments but your clients do. Different ones. Come and contact with their engineers. Gather knowledge you need to deliver successful projects.

Work profiles

NDD is a conference about devops and related practices but not only for devops roles. Such skills are also useful to anyone working with devops.


You are the leader who needs to find answers and solve problems with everything related to platforms and deployments. It is better to know how to avoid issues proactively, not to solve them reactively. Come and gather skills on how to build secure and efficient cloud environments. Even if you are an experienced player there is definitely something new you can pick up along the way. Cherry on top is contacts with cloud providers engineers.

(Project / administrative / …) manager

You are the one who sets priorities and requirements. The more background you have the better you can say what exactly you need, in which order and how much are you ready to pay for it. Come and familiarise yourself regarding devops work and practices.

(Analyst / QA)

If your client wants to run the new solution in the cloud you need to help them define requirements and ensure that the solution has been set up accordingly. Come and learn what is important and get your hands dirty.